Thursday, March 12, 2009

Intermediate Stop-Motion

Here's my assignments from this semester so far:
I animated this with Super Sculpey on the Oxberry.

And the song for this is "Padam Padam" by Edith Piaf. The deer is made of armature wire, baked Super Sculpey, black plasticine painted over with acrylic. With twigs in its head.


Blogging Monsters said...

you should put these in the showcase or the open show

Cindey said...

really awesome stuff hilary!
makes me wanna try out stop motion sometime / take a stop motion class next year.

Jenessa said...

Hilary!- Your stop motion pieces are beautiful.
The deer head looked pretty awesome in real life- but now that you animated it, it is amazing.

I remember you mentioning your clay on glass piece and how you weren't sure on what you were going to be working on... but it looks like you figured out! I had to watch it numerous times to see everything you did on it!

What wonderful things to add to your reel!